Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Why Business needs Inbound Marketing

In passing era companies are showing serious interest in Inbound Marketing, because it’s a potential and effective way to attract new customers. It helps you a lot to move traffic towards your business. Creating content, SEO and Social Media these are the objectives which inbound marketing ties these pieces together in a cohesive way. Inbound Marketing provides valuable and effective content for your customers; it promotes your remarkable content, building customer relationships and overall gathers traffic towards you. Inbound Marketing Strategies create authentic brand awareness, create thought leadership, develop continuous valuable customer relationships, improve Search Engine Optimization, build maximum trustworthy reputation and establish great credibility. Inbound Marketing offers you cost-effective method of generating more leads and closing more deals than traditional, outbound marketing. Approx 87% of chief marketing officers think custom content is very or somewhat valuable and on the other end of the spectrum 90% of consumers find custom content useful. According to a report, “Inbound delivers 54% more leads in the 2013 marketing funnel than outbound sources”. Inbound Marketing is less expensive as compare to “Outbound marketing”.

Inbound Marketing dominated 30% Lower Cost Per Lead. Inbound Marketing is becoming more popular as marketers look for efficient and affordable ways to acquire new leads. Some of the most popular Inbound Marketing techniques are blogging, SEO, interacting on social media and webinars. The internet, new technology, and social activity have changed the way a consumer relates to businesses, wants to interact with businesses and buys. According to a research most of the majority of the consumers has announced their desire to be contact through these new mediums. Inbound Marketing is the most effective and reliable for your business. If you are on the hunt, you need to be where your customers are. Implement strategic inbound marketing practices, and your customers with opt-in to you. If your are serious about growing your business, reaching your full sales potential, or want to connect with a wider audience, inbound marketing is the first step into making that achievable goal.

Effective and Successful steps of Inbound Marketing

• Build your Inbound Marketing Toolkit, (Website, Blog, Social Media Pages, Email Marketing Tool, Social Media or Inbound Management tool and Listening Station).
• Get Found, (Keyword Analysis and SEO).
• Create Compelling Content for All Stages of the Buying Cycle.
• Amplify Your Content, (Publish your content to your website, blog or landing page), (Amplify or promote your content to social Media Sites, Bookmarking Sites, Article Sites, News Release Sites and Email.
• Convert Visitors to Leads, (Call to Action on All Content, Use Landing Pages with Forms and Landing pages anatomy Headline, Image/Video, Bullet Benefits, Capture, Call to action and trust).
• Convert Leads to Customers, (Put processes in place to qualify your leads – Top, Middle or Bottom of the funnel), (Use Inbound Marketing to move leads through your qualification process).
• Analyze and Adjust, (Track your Conversion Rate, Monitor your Analytics)

Inbound Marketing Techniques

• Search engine marketing
• Strategic content
• Smart web development
• Online call-to actions
• Social media marketing
• Audio marketing
• Video marketing
• Photo sharing
• Strategic landing pages
• Email marketing
• Brand monitoring
• Analytics

According to a survey of many small businesses by an official team they found, 97% More Inbound Links for Companies that Blog and 55% Website visitors for Companies that blog. Therefore, from here we caught the most important part of successful Inbound Marketing is Blog. If I say that Blog is the heart of Inbound marketing so it will not be wrong. Blog describes and shows A to Z of your business. In inbound marketing Blogging is way of communication among you and your visitors, which turns your visitors in to customers and that’s what you really want and beneficial for your business. Inbound Marketing has left “Outbound Marketing” very far.

This is the era of inbound marketing the most. However, we cannot deny that “Outbound marketing” is still working in all over the world but not that much fast as “Inbound Marketing”. Though other objectives are also important for inbound marketing but, why I am pointing blog the most in inbound marketing, here is the answer; “Approx 46% of companies who blog have gotten revenue because of their blog.” Inbound Marketing is a better and cost-effective way to give your business a boost up.

“If you have got more Money than brains, you should focus on Outbound Marketing. If you have got more Brains than money, you must focus on Inbound Marketing.”

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