Friday, July 4, 2014

Investing in the right people is the first Success strategy

Employees - I mean "Dedicated Skillful Employees" are the key part of any successful business, let it be neither a start-up nor an established organization. Also the Time Factor, hiring them at the right time and acquainting them with the right tasks is equally important.

The integral part of any business is its employees. Investing the time and money to hire the right people decides the success of your business. There are two important things to keep in mind, while building a business - when to recruit and who to recruit. As for any business a huge cost is incurred on the employee salaries and benefits especially in the start-ups.

Incur your cost on right talents

"Train people well enough so they can leave, treat people well enough so they don't want to..."
- Richard Branson, Founder, Virgin Airlines

Start-ups always have a lot of things to do around; all would be busy planning, thinking the plan of action, technology decisions, and strategic development. All these cannot be done single-highhandedly either by a CEO or with one or two employees. If the CEO thinks to do such way, that means he would fail in the strategic direction and would not be able to lead the business where it needs be lead. So man-power planning is one major concern for start-ups as well as established organizations. Why so? Yes, one may tell I can do multitasking, but in reality there is no such thing called as multitasking. Can someone have food in one hand, and type a letter in the other, it's impossible! If someone can perform two tasks at a time, then it called as multi-tasking. There are people with Multi-Skills, who possess one main expert skill and remaining skills of which they will have a fair idea and would love to implement it using their efforts. Hiring such a energetic talent will be one such important talent strategy for a company. Also keep in mind, a person who has multi-skills, should not be loaded too much as well, as it leads to failure again. The reason is due, after certain point of time it absorbs the energy of the employee.

The most common mistake what the CEO's of start-ups do it is to extract and use the skills of bright talent, by advising them what to do, rather than listening to them and allowing them to work independently. In word’s they tell “Yes, I wanted you to work independently, but on board it doesn’t happen.”This interference doesn't help the business really take-off, for the reason, the person who may be right talent is unable to utilize their skills. That’s the reason, when you employ a nurtured skillful talent, it’s important to remember, the role is defined, and talents brings it with their independent work style.

Ultimately it’s important to invest in the right talents, skillful, motivated and innovative to drive the business forward. As in the end the day, the employee is challenged, rather than the business strategy.

Written by Nishanthi Yuvaraj
Source: LinkedIn

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