Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Global E-commerce Trends in 2013: Personalization and Mobility

Personalization and mobility are two trends that are driving the global e-commerce 2013 scenario today. This article talks about the two trends in brief.

E-commerce has grown remarkably in the year 2013, well beyond everyone’s expectations. It has become the greatest form of communication, business operation, research and development. The acceptance of Internet and globalization across the world has also affected the global e-commerce trends.

This is mainly because e-commerce marketing and sales are spreading widely and playing a significant role in the world economy. The global e-commerce 2013 rates show a significant shift in the way people operate their businesses and organizations. The tremendous potential of the internet has led companies to devise new ways to present products and services that the businesses offer to the global market. We will discuss the two most trending e-commerce business methods – personalization and mobility.


The general information that consumers share online with retailers are used to personalize an application. Everything from age, life style, contacts, friends and family, geography and social status are included during the personalization and play a helpful role in offering relevant and valuable shopping experience for consumers.

Global e-commerce trends include the adoption of real time and personalized facilities for everyone who approaches the online market across the globe. Personalization has never been a new concept in this case, but the increasing popularity of personalization shows it is the most widely accepted trend in the global e-commerce 2013 values. Businesses and enterprises – big or small have made it easy and simple for the masses to obtain a personalized, simplified or complex technology in the sectors such as finance, travel, media and many more.


The other global e-commerce trend include incorporating mobility among the online shoppers. Making your website mobile friendly or developing an application for an android or an iPhone shall no longer be enough.

The year 2013 has further opened up avenues to offer advanced facilities. Consumers who have turned entirely towards mobile phone and tablets want newer and better shopping experience with geo-specific or ‘multi-lingual’ content. They expect special offers, various other platform-specific elements and much more to harmonize and add to overall life style of the consumers. The global e-commerce 2013 scenario has witnessed an even higher increase in online consumers, than what it saw when the first Apple product was launched in the global market.

The global e-commerce trend of 2013 is all about getting more personal; making shopping more mobile and approaching more channels. The global e-commerce 2013 trends show that additions to online businesses have increased the traffic ratio for the store fronts and boosts online leads and sales. From the corner of your local store, you will now be able to globalize your brand, along with the products and services that you offer, which will in turn help you improve your brand recognition and increase your top line. Innovative ideas for marketing and the use of high-end technology have helped bridge the gap between companies and consumers in the year 2013.

Source: Enterprise Forum

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